1915 Mexico 1 Peso El Estado de Sonora

By Liliana E. González


Portrait of Ignacio I. Madero at left and José Maria Pino Suaréz at right. Eagle at back.  Revolutionary issue. Printed by American Banknote Co.

Francisco Ignacio Madero González was the 33rd President of México from 1911 to 1913. He was born in Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila in October 30, 1873 and he died executed by the Porfirista military and his traitorous aides, which he neglected to replace with revolutionary supporters in February 22, 1913.

Madero was a respectable upper-class politician, he supplied a center around which opposition to the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz could coalesce. His assassination was followed by the most violent period of the revolution in Mexico (1913–1917) until the Constitution of 1917 and revolutionary president Venustiano Carranza achieved some degree of stability. Followers of Madero were known as Maderistas.

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José María Pino Suárez was born on 8 September 1869 in Tenosique, Tabasco and died on February 22, 1913 assassinated before the Palace of Lecumberri, while supposedly attempting to escape. It was later proved this was false, the assassination had been planned and set up long before its occurrence.

Pino Suárez was a Mexican statesman, revolutionary, poet, journalist and jurist who served as Vice President of Mexico (1911–1913), Secreatry of Education and Governor of Yucatán. He was a key player of the Mexican Revolution, and is especially well known (his poecy and life work apart) for his patriotic role during La decena tragica, where along with President Madero he forfeited his life in the pursuit of democracy for his country.

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