3550+ Banknote Photographic Collection

Por Liliana E. González


Digital Banknote Heaven is a unique CD with a Banknotes Photographic Collection of more than 3550 pictures of banknotes from 172 countries. They are organized in folders alphabetically from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Almost all the banknotes were scanned front and back and they have the pick number from the Krause catalog as the file name. The images are sized between 300 and 400 pixels wide, with 72 resolution. Some are jpg and some are gif.

It took me 2 years to get this collection together. I scanned, sized and saved copies of every single banknote taken from the originals.

This CD will make a great and unique gift for collectors, dealers, artists, children and anybody who loves history, animals, landscapes, etc.

Digital Banknote Heaven´s price: $24.95 USD plus $5.00 USD shipping.

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WARNING: Copyright Notices: Please note this CD is not RESELLABLE. This CD and its contents are fully protected for copyrights; please do not make illegal copies. Any persons caught reselling the CD or making illegal copies will be prosecuted.

Digital Banknote Heaven © 2001-2010 Liliana E. Gonzalez All Rights Reserved.

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